Collages In Different Styles: Classic, Dramatic and Intricate Romantic Styles

  Classic Style

This style is clear-cut, precise, restrained, laconic and quite. Conservatism is the main characteristic. It is very strict, everything is in order, there is nothing extra. There are no emotions here, but there is peace, balance and feeling of safety. This style is elegant and aristocratic.

My collage for classic style is made of elegantly dressed ladies, architectural elements evoking the city life, geometrical details from modern interior. Everything is in colors of gray, blue, white and with the touch of lavender.


Dramatic Style

This style is bright, energetic, dynamic, powerful. Everything is exaggerated here. This style needs audience because it is theatrical. It is luxurious, sexy, aggressive and dangerous. It is often shock, scandal, rebelliousness.

My collage represents the dramatic style in dynamical geometrical abstraction theme in bright contrasting colors.


Intricate Romantic Style

This style is magical, enigmatic and sophisticated. The themes such as rain, deep or falling water, evening dusk are typical here. This style is characterized by fragility, delicacy, refinement,  hidden sensuality. It is often historical in terms of keeping the mastery of the past out of time.

My collage represents the lady in off white lace dress with waterfall like train. She is standing in dark twilight mystic place with the waterfall, river, cliffs and forest on the background. Beautiful foliage, enigmatic flowers and magical frog character (with whom she is having the secret conversation) are placed on the foreground.


Style Study Insides

Currently I am studying in the image stylist school, which I hope will enhance my skills as a designer. Here I am going to share some of my works, thoughts, finding and inspirations from the study process.



New Silk Scarves Collection For Men Wear

New collection of hand-painted silk scarves created for men. I played with colors and design ideas. That was really enjoyable painting for me because I love muted colors! And I love combine them with the hint of brights! I think that this especially works for men wearable. I used watercolor like painting technique and simple compositions. So that is the result. Please take a look and if you like, leave a comment. I will appreciate it!


If you like, please, see other photos of that scarves from different angles and views.


The Etsy + American Museum of Natural History partnership

I am so excited that some of my scarf designs were chosen for The Etsy + American Museum of Natural History partnership. Myself and a handful of other Etsy artists designed a unique pieces inspired by the natural world and the Museum’s world-famous collection. Now it is officially launched!
Thank you Etsy and AMNH!!!

Please, see the collection in store, and online:
Please, see more information about the partnership on the Etsy blog:…/inspired-by-the-american-museum-of…/
You can also see Etsy’s Twitter and Instagram posts about the partnership:

Additionally, they’ve posted on the Etsy Wholesale Tumblr and Instagram accounts:…/a-creative-partnership-th… scarf

foxes scarf

japan scarf

owl scarf

painted scarves (4)

pearl scarf

Elkhart Juried Regional Art Exhibition Award 2014

Below is photo from the 36th Elkhart Juried Regional Art Exhibition at The Midwest Museum of American Art (October 10 – December 7, 2014, Two of my paintings were accepted and one got award.

With my little daughter Polina

With my little daughter Polina

Red Tree Silk Painting Awarded

Red Tree Silk Painting Awarded

Night Tree Silk Painting Accepted

Night Tree Silk Painting Accepted

Tutorial: Amazing Poppies Silk Shawl

1st step: Painting with wet brush red circle flowers in red shades – that will be the poppies!

Paint will flow and stop by itself – no need for resist.


2nd step: Applying resist on top of that – drawing poppies details, steam and leaves.


3d step: Working with colors on details:









Finished look:


DSC_0980 (2)


DSC_0981 (2)